Yet with this final battle of the main story quest in ffxiv patch 3.3

June 8, 2016
And generally super human behind the keys or controller.I've tried for seven hours to do to get a single clear ffxiv gil on the final steps of faith with not a single run dropping the boss below 50%.

Final Fantasy XIV Parses and ToS

April 15, 2015
Hi I have a quick question about parsers. I just started getting serious about a dps class (before mostly only tanking) and I'd like to have an in game parser overlay mostly to compare myself to other dps and also to see my numbers and improve FFXIV Power leveling

Can we please get some more options in choosing Final Fantasy XIV server location?

April 13, 2015
Why can't we have more variety? I find it absolutely ridiculous that my connection has to travel through 3-4 ISPs before reaching the FFXIV GIL servers(west coast). 

Amalj’aa Final Fantasy XIV Language Nonsense

April 9, 2015
I'm really no great linguist, but the 'a ending to both the name of the beast tribe and the cheap ffxiv gil places associated with them


April 9, 2015